A new Oppo Phone, Dual-camera with 5x optical zoom Revealed

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Oppo – Dual-camera with 5x optical zoom

Oppo be at MWC 2017, but they do not show any smartphone. The opposition prefers began to talk about the feature than to talk about specific models of smartphones and their marketing strategy seems to pay off in the Chinese market, at least. years, Chinese companies have demonstrated technology camera that can occur in the future devices. Oppo is working with Israeli startup Corephotonics on this project over the past year or so.

Called Dual Camera Zoom 5x system, which includes more than 50 small pieces that combine to 5.7mm height module that uses mirrors to redirect light through the lens and becomes a telephoto lens, similar to the system used on the periscope. the incoming light is reflected by 90 degrees through a series of lenses, increasing the focal length of the camera to achieve lossless zoom 5x.

Another benefit of setting prisms and lenses is that they both provide optical image stabilization (OIS), which is more stable than the Oppo claims to be the only system OIS lens on other smart phones because of its ability to adjust the angle of the prism of one-thousandth of a degree. This is not the only feature announced at MWC Oppo; They are also expected to demo the technology for filling that can charge your smartphone battery is charged to full capacity in just 15 minutes.

Oppo – Dual-camera with 5x optical zoom Specs:

We haven’t got any specific information about any phone from Oppo with this feature neither the specification.

A new Oppo Phone, Dual-camera with 5x optical zoom Revealed A new Oppo Phone, Dual-camera with 5x optical zoom Revealed


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