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Sunday, February 5th, 2012 - Asus, LAPTOP

AsusG55 and Asus G75 Review

It’s been quite a while for gamers who are waiting for a new generation of gaming laptop. And they should be glad that this time the gaming laptop comes from Asus which is famous for its ROG laptop. Asus has recently announced that its fifth generation of Gamers (ROG) Asus G55 and Asus G75 notebooks should arrive in April this year, with the upcoming Intel mobile processors Ivy Bridge.

Asus G55 and Asus G75 were not suffered too many changes compared to its predecessors, at least when it comes to exterior design, but inside the ASUS will replace the existing Sandy Bridge processors with processor-based architecture Ivy Bridge.
Asus did not mention specific models that are planned to be used for these two ROG series notebooks, but we know that they will be paired with a discrete GPU is based on the design and Kepler Nvidia GTX 670M, which is very likely candidate.

As far as storage is concerned, Notebook Italia suggests that the two gaming laptops can be configured to have both HDD and solid state drives, to provide its users with up to 1.5TB of data capacity.

Asus G55 and Asus G75

include up to 16GB DDR3-1600MHz RAM, optical drive (or DVD burner or Blu-ray combo), and 5.1 audio system and HD cameras.

More display options will also be available. Depending on the model of laptop comes with Full HD (1920 × 1080) and HD (1600 × 900) resolution display that also features 3D support.

Just like their predecessors, carriers will also feature SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity, HDMI 1.4a connection (as well as various other video outputs), Altec Lansing speakers THX TruStudio and S / PDIF digital audio out.

Asus G55 and Asus G75 release date

Other features are not known at this point in time, but the players of these laptops is expected to be officially Asus G75 will release in April this year, probably right after Intel makes its first series of Ivy Bridge CPU officials.

Asus G75 release date update

The latest Asus G75, which is one high end gaming laptop, is up for pre-orders. Check for more detail information about Asus G75 Specs and pre-order here: Asus G75 Review | Asus G75 Release Date – Pre Order Now!

Asus G75 price

The device is for pre-orders on Gadgets Central Station and Guermant and is priced at $1450.

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Asus G75 Release Date

Asus G55 and Asus G75 ROG

Asus G75 Release Date

Asus G55 and Asus G75 ROG

Asus G75 Release Date

Asus G55 and Asus G75

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