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Review Asus G75V Review

Earlier, we have given you the information of Asus G55 and Asus G75, as well as Asus G75 pre-order and now it’s going to be another type of Asus ROG. Asus G75V is a gamer laptop  that comes with a 17 inch. Asus GeForce GTX 670M has installed much faster. This high-end graphics cards do not use Nvidia’s new Kepler architecture but still significant increase in performance.

This G74SX Sandy Bridge uses a family member (such as Core i7-2630QM). This has the advantage of da laptop specs are very intersting because G75V is a 3D-ready 120 Hz screen (including the Nvidia 3D Vision 2). This notebook lives up to standard and premium offer Blu-ray burner and 256 GB Solid State Drive (+ 750 GB HDD). The operating system is Windows Professional (64 bit). And many more spesification the come by Asus G75V and of course in this article. The first significant difference was found in the back of the laptop. Manufacturers have removed the cooling holes (placed near the center of the G74) out once again (see G73). Differences are found more in the right and left sides of the test model: instead of keeping the dark tone of the entire case, Asus has used a nice silver-gray streak to refresh the display case.

Asus G75V Design

The G75 is as mobile as the tank is suitable for cutting grass. Model tests measuring 52 mm (thick) and weighs approximately 4.4 pounds. The G75 resembles its predecessor, comes with less dark-gray color on the surface of the notebook stand is made of rubber that can only be soiled by greasy fingers.
Asus G75 has provided exceptional design that jumps to the eye as soon as the laptop is opened: the notebook as well as the speaker and the base is made of silver-style keyboard (aluminum). The hand-rest area, which uses a rubber bit rougher than the top of laptop, also dark gray.

Asus G75V Screen

The screen has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels (ideal for high-end laptop). This gives the user ample space to work comfortably. High-quality screen glare as seen from a direct comparison with the panel 15/08 (see figure), which revealed significant differences between the two. The panel has a tremendous value: 421 cd / m² twice the standard notebook panel brightness (~ 200 cd / m²). Value without a doubt an amazing contrast of 715:1. Thanks to the support of 120 Hz, the display can depict a beautiful 3D content.

Good viewing angle stability of the other panel strengths. Even with some viewers, everyone gets a good picture, which means that a family movie night or watching a video with your friends no problem with the G75. Small losses: the display can not be changed too far back (typical for a notebook) vertical deviation caused major changes in the content display. Overall, the G75 is a high value in this section.

Asus G75V Keyboard

The integrated keybaord familiar as it can also be found in the precursor. Free buttons are placed to measure 15×15 mm. They have a calm and comfortable click the appropriate pressure point (stroke could be stronger). Asus deserve praise for white lighting that can be customized (different levels) in combination with the Fn key. Manufacturers have to tweak the lighting further as some of the key brighter than the other (see figure). The P150EM and Clevo barebone P170EM (P502 & P702 Schenker XMG respectively) have a more balanced lighting.

Asus G75V Touchpad

Synaptics touchpad is large (99 x 56 mm) is ideal and should be considered by other manufacturers for their models. The smooth surface of the sliding properties – very easy mouse movement. Despite the fact that it is the same color as part of the hand-rest area, touchpad can be clearly perceived as a sunken into the case and has a smooth haptic.

Although the precision of a good device, gestures are supported (multi-touch) is finicky. For example, while scrolling on Web pages or text documents, computer uncontrolled jump up or down. Sometimes scrolling does not work at all. We still like the touchpad and mouse buttons are comfortable helping us make our decision. Tip: touchpad is configured to turn off as soon as the external mouse connected.

Asus G75V Processor

Ivy Bridge finally emerge. The latest generation of Intel is not ground-breaking, but a new CPU architecture does have a smaller (shrinking process: 22 nm) and modern 3D transistor. Intel considers new models to be “Tick +” (“Tock” will show the architecture is really fresh).

Asus has installed a Core i7-3720QM in our test model – CPU quad-core is very strong. Ordered the 1.4 billion transistor processor (Sandy Bridge: maximum 995 billion). Range between 2.6 to 3.6 GHz clock frequency under the weight of the quad-core processors put the old high-end models: i7-2920XM (2.5-3.5 GHz) and i7-2960XM (2.7 to 3.7 GHz ). Great: despite similar performance, the TDP has been reduced from 55 W to 45 W. Core i7-3720QM have L3 cache is smaller than the elite Sandy Bridge (6 MB vs 8 MB). It does not look at the benchmark performance.

Asus G75V Port

The Asus G75 has improved connectivity. Laptop still lacks eSATA and FireWire, but users will be surprised to find a Mini DisplayPort is added next to the VGA and HDMI interfaces. USB port has also been improved: the laptop has a total of four USB 3.0 interface (G74: 3x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0).

Most of the ports just moved. The “Kensington Lock” has been placed on the back and the card reader has been moved from right to left side. Other ports (power interface, RJ-45 Gigabit LAN, headphone, microphone) is almost identical. Two audio jack is quite a bit and we expect more from such a high-end notebook. Users seeking to connect their “Surround Sound” system will need to use the HDMI interface.

Asus G75V Wireless communication

Qualcomm Atheros wireless module called AR9485WB-EG. PCIe Cards (2.4 GHz) WLAN standard supports common (802.11 b / g / n, etc.) and file transfer at up to 150 MB / s. Bluetooth 3.0 is also on-board.

Asus G75V Software

Users, who previously owned Asus notebook, do not be surprised by the “junk” OS. Asus laptops have 60 different programs, updates and drivers installed. We recommend throwing unnecessary software out so as to improve boot time and reduce the number of pop-ups. Special video mode (Splendid-Technology) and power saving plan (Power4Gear) no more than a nice trick

Asus G75V Performance

Beat the test model with a mile long G74SX graphics benchmark. In Unigine Heaven benchmark, which runs at 1280×1024 pixels, 670M GTX takes the lead with 42% vs GTX 560M (38.9 vs 27.3 fps). The main competition from AMD, Radeon HD 6990M, gives 36.6 fps which is still lower than our test model of graphics card (Schenker XMG P701 PRO). The main take GTX 675M 21% (47.2 fps @ Schenker XMG P702 PRO).

At 3DMark 11 (1280×720 pixels), the situation changed a little. GTX 670M score 2684 points and was beaten by its bigger brother (GTX 675M – 3272 points) and the competition AMD (Radeon HD 6990M – 3227 points). The GTX 560M reach 1836 points alone (-32%).


The biggest drawback of 3D Vision is a high loss in performance. These three games are tested (see graph) have (on average) fell by 60% in fps. Users must sometimes lower the level of resolution or detail so as to obtain fluid gameplay. A resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and higher settings will cause a lot of games stutter.

Asus G75V Battery Life

Test high-end models do not have a good battery. The G75V can only survive for about 3 hours. With minimum brightness, we got about 2.5 hours while idle (from Battery Eater Readers test). Laptop lasted about 2 hours while surfing the web (medium brightness) and 1.5 hours when playing movies (maximum brightness). These values ??are too small. In the Battery Eater Classic test of, the laptop lasted only 1 hour. As the G75 is designed to be the DTR, we believe that the battery life should not affect its use much.


Asus G75V

Asus G75V

Asus G75V

Asus G75V

Asus G75V
Asus G75V

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