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Asus K43

ASUS K series first came with the Asus model K40, K42 followed by ASUS. Now they plan to introduce the third generation with the Asus model K43. K43 Asus will come with Intel Core i7 i3 until the second generation. K43 Asus comes with a thinner design 7mm compared to the two previous generations. This model is made of plastic, but on the palm rest of this model is designed similar to the texture of aluminum.

When we recall the two previous generations Asus always pair one model with NVIDIA Optimus. Similarly, Asus K43 Series provides two options for Optimus NVIDIA graphics card you choose. NVIDIA GeForce GT520M first choice and second choice NVIDIA GeForce GT540M.

The new Asus K43 notebooks powered by second generation Intel® Core™ CPUs to accelerate multitasking and improve visual performance with integrated graphics engines. Their 32nm fabrication, low power requirements and inclusion of NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology all extend the battery life of ASUS K Series notebooks for enhanced usability.

Asus K43 Series

comes in two colors Brown and Black. Finishing of the two colors are also slightly different, the brown color has a broken dotted line on the cover and the black color in the form of an elongated box.

Asus K43 Series Specs:

Broad specifications of ASUS K43 Notebook
CUDA Core 16 72 48 96
Processor Clock 1530 Mhz 1080Mhz 1480 Mhz 1344 Mhz
Memory Clock 800 Mhz 1066 Mhz 800 Mhz 900 Mhz
Memory Interface 64 bit 128 bit 64 bit 128 bit
3D Mark 06 3.338 6.892 5.668 7.988


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Asus K43 Series
Asus K43 Series
Asus K43 Series
Asus K43 Series

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