Chromebook, A new Generation Laptop from Samsung and Acer

Thursday, May 19th, 2011 - LAPTOP, Samsung

Success with Android smartphone has now become the largest platform in the world in just 2.5 years, Google has made ??a breakthrough. Internet giant is trying to offer new Yes Acquisition laptop with the release Chromebook.

Chromebook name is Google pinned on the Acquisition of cloud computing platform-based laptop. All required application can be accessed directly from the Internet. All data is also stored in the cloud services, so that users do not have to worry if your computer is lost or stolen. Stay replaced with a new laptop, all programs and data remain secure as before.

Since there is no operating system in general use laptop now, when booting claimed a lot faster. To access the Web or e-mail, can be done in 8 seconds, because the laptop is turned on. battery life are all day, so that users do not need to go forward and back filling. Additionally, the program benefits will always be updated if the latest version, so users can get a better experience.

Chromebook NAME HAS announced in the case of Google I / O that delivers about 5,000 developers in San Francisco, USA. On the occasion Google has released two partner manufacturers who are ready for release harddware Chromebook, Acer and Samsung fact. Chromebook will be available on-line from the early 15th June in the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain. Other countries will follow a few months away.

Chromebook, A new Generation Laptop from Samsung and Acer


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