LG G6 Preview and Specification | LG G6 is Rumored to Pack A lot of Amazing Features

LG G6 Preview and Specification | LG G6 is Rumored to Pack A lot of Amazing Features

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LG G6 Preview

LG G6 is currently under development, but it seems that LG will keep some of the best features of its predecessor, LG G5. The new flagship model is also reportedly will launch a series of new additions.

LG G6 reportedly will continue to bring in removable battery, one of the most appreciated features of the LG G5. The users liked the idea that the batteries required for safety reasons, after people have become wary broken without a removable battery that caused the downfall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Having a portable power source in LG G6 General offers the advantage of safety and comfort, as it is easier to replace the battery. LG G6 likely will feature new technologies such as iris recognition and mobile payments.

LG Electronics plans to offer more attractive to potential clients, after LG G5 failed to bring the required number. In addition to a removable battery, LG G6 can have wireless charging. During the Korea Electronics Show in October 2016, LG has introduced a new type of all-in-one module that serves as the camera and the iris scanner.

Experts speculate that the new technology can be integrated into LG G6, which will compete with the Samsung plans to bring iris scanner in the future. LG G6 may include a mobile payment system, called LG to pay, secure transmission of magnetic or MST.

LG G6 Preview and Specification | LG G6 is Rumored to Pack A lot of Amazing Features


LG G6 Specifications

Operating System Current Android 6.0 Operating System
Processor Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa-core 3.0 GHz processor
Memory 32, 64, and 128 GB internal memory and expandable to 128 GB with dual micro SD cards
Screen Display 5.6” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution
Camera Features Optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera element, auto laser focus
Camera – Front 7.0 Megapixels
Camera – Rear 24 Megapixels
Colors Black, Blue, Copper, Gold, White
Features Bendable display, Corning Gorilla Glass 4, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint scanner, retina eye scanner, wireless charging, rapid charging, waterproof, mini projector, stylus
Battery 4200 mAh

LG G6 Release Date

The phone is currently reported to be released in September 2017, so you guys have to be patient to wait for it.


LG G6 Price

Based on the rumors the LG G6 will be offered to the market by $750 USD, 688 Euro.

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