Logitech N120 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

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Logitech N120 Review

The cooler your laptop is, the more stable the performance. Keeping your laptop cool is very importance for the endurance of your laptop, keep it out from hung up, or slow response. Logitech N120 Laptop Cooling Pad provides optimal air flow to cool the laptop.

Built with a stylish design and trendy look, the cooler will easily fit in anywhere. 15-inch cooler with a rear air intake to “steady and smooth” flow of air. Thus, one can use the cooler on your desk or lap, and there is no need to worry about blocking the vents.

Besides ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted flow of air cooler functions silently. Furthermore, the device is enabled USB fan. There is a ‘closed durable construction “that comes with the Cooling Pad for protection devices’ internal fan from dust and damage. ”

Logitech N120 Laptop Cooling Pad ensures low power consumption without affecting the laptop battery.

Logitech  N120 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Logitech N120 Laptop Cooling Pad

Logitech N120 Laptop Cooling Pad Review

Logitech N120

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