MSI GX60 Gaming Laptop with Radeon HD 7970M Preview

Thursday, June 7th, 2012 - LAPTOP, MSI

MSI GX60 Gaming Laptop

MSI is one of laptop companies who is famous for its gaming laptop product, and famous among game enthusiast. It seems that not really a long time ago MSI released its gaming laptop MSI GT780DX and MSI GT70, the laptop manufacturer has just finished its new magnificent gaming laptop, on of desktop replacement, powered by a top of the line Radeon HD 7970M and a Trinity A10-4600M APU and other great specifications, MSI GX60.

MSI GX60, the latest AMD Trinity SKUs in its comprehensive line of gaming laptops, retains the same bulky 15.6-inch form factor, keyboard and speakers STEELSERIES Dynaudio as their illustrious predecessors The processor is a quad-core AMD Trinity A10-4600M and discrete graphics, and the recently launched 28nm GDDR5 Radeon 7970M.

Probably there is some kind of saving graphics switching voodoo here as an integrated 7660G can be paired with the same VLIW-4 GPU for Hybrid CrossFireX (7970M is GCN). For storage, get a quick 2 x U100 64GB SanDisk SSD in RAID-0 for the drive system and WD 500GB mechanical drive for secondary usages. MSI also put in a fancy Qualcomm Killer NIC Atheros chip for reduced network latency during gameplay.

Regarding the price and release date of MSI GX60, we haven’t got any official confirmation.






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MSI GX60 Gaming Laptop with Radeon HD 7970M Preview | Eko Kristianto | 4.5