New Google Chromebook, 12.5 Inches Touchscreen Laptop Rumor

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Google Chromebook

Search engine company, Google, is rumored to be launching its latest notebook from the end of the year. Named Chromebook, portable computing device features a touch screen has a size of 12.85 inches.

Google announced smartphones and tablets under its own name. Companies from Mountain View, United States is also developing a laptop with brand creation, Chromebook computers.

Through the words of China Times, stating that Google plans to launch Chromebook 12.85 inches with touch screen capabilities by the end of this year. Unlike the Nexus smartphone Nexus tablet 4 or 7, Google reportedly not cooperating OEM (original equipment manufacturer) leads to the production of such new Chromebook.

China Times, a company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin is more inclined to hire based on Compal Electronics in Taiwan as an OEM part. As for the touch panel suppliers, Google partnered with Wintek.

Chromebook is a computer that runs on Google’s Chrome operating system. Chromebook is known as a device that has an affordable price and fast time of startup (boot).

New Google Chromebook, 12.5 Inches Touchscreen Laptop Rumor
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