People are Rushing to Sell Their iPad for iPad 2

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Apple’s newest Tablet PC, IPAD 2, is not officially for sale yet. However, old IPAD owners in the United States rushed to exchange their tablets in order to obtain IPAD 2, 11 March

Apple iPad second exhibition to the public for the first time on Wednesday (02/03/2011) local time. Not so long ago, thousands of consumers directly sell their old IPAD through various corporate buy-back. One of them is gazelle.
“It’s become a very good indicator that Apple will sell a lot iPad 2,” said Director of Brand and Communications Gazelle, Kristina Kennedy, as reported by PC Advisor, on Friday (04/03/2011).

According to Kennedy, consumers who sell IPAD this week, far more than consumers who replace old iPhone, when Apple introduced the iPhone 4.

Gazelle buying another electronic devices from consumers, ranging from smartphones to game consoles, and then resold to the online auction site eBay or similar sites.

Meanwhile, outside sales IPAD 2, 11 March (USA) and 25 March (other countries), Apple has decided to cut $ 100 from the price of the old IPAD.

People are Rushing to Sell Their iPad for iPad 2
iPad 2

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