Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550, Comfort for Long Typing

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Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 Review

After the success of the first Chromebook in the mid of 2011, Samsung is now re-complete the list of international chromebook laptop market. Samsung launches new Chromebook exactly a year later, in June 2012, with Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 is slightly more expensive than last year’s model. It is built with a 12.1-inch screen (1280 x 800), powered by more powerful dual-core 1.3GHz Intel Celeron CPU under the hood (the previous models used a netbook-class Atom chip) and doubled RAM, 4GB. This chromebook is indeed worthy of consideration; its boot time is so impressive, just under 6 seconds. It uses web-based 720p video content from ran stutter-free on the 12.1-inch screen. In addition to these capabilities, this compact laptop with Google Chrome operating system also has a very good battery capacity; it is able to transcend time up to 7 hours on streaming video. This is of course a great part.

However, Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 still has its disadvantages as Chrome OS-based laptop. But if it is targeting the laptop user on a browser lightly with excellence and quality of the battery, it is right if they choose this chromebook.

About the design, Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 is wrapped with aluminum on the edges, and covered with an elegant silver plastic. There is a Samsung logo on the front bottom and Chrombook letters above the Samsung logo. Chromebook Series 5 550 has a keyboard that is supple, comfortable typing long. Any part of the touch pad keyboard according to your convenience. For those who frequently need to send long e-mail, this simplicity will be very helpful. And the ease is not found on netbooks in general.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 price

When it was released in early June, the laptop is sold with a $ 449.99, this laptop now sold for just $ 350 via online. And actually, although the new OS’s monolithic focus solely on a browser window and the constant need for an Internet connection for any kind of limited productivity, it delivers great impress.

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550 specifications

  • Product type Ultraportable
  • CPU manufacturer Intel
  • CPU type Celeron 867 1.3GHz dual-core
  • OS family Other
  • Operating system Google Chrome OS
  • Screen size 12.1 in.
  • Weight 1.37 g
  • Estimated battery life 6.5 hours

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550

Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550
Samsung Chromebook Series 5 550
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