Sony Vaio E14P, the Latest Laptop from Sony Review and Specs

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Sony Vaio E14P

One of the world’s largest electronics vendors, Sony, has proven its expertise in producing a wide range of sophisticated devices, ranging from electronics home furnishings to gadgets. Sony greatness proved again this year with the release of Sony’s latest notebook named Sony Vaio E14P. Many features are embedded in its product, one of which is the resistance of the batteries. For more details, let’s review this Sony Vaio E14P.

Sony Vaio E14P review

Sony Vaio E14P is built with 14-inch screen and elegance design. Ivy Bridge technology, a latest processor, becomes its brain. Ivy Bridge is the third generation of Intel Core i7 CPU. This Sony’s latest laptop combines Ivy Bridge with AMD Radeon HD 7670M discrete GPU and 1 GB VRAM. The use of superior hardwares will certainly add to the quality of the laptop.

Sony Vaio E14P offers an attractive design with a choice of five colors, white, pink, silver, metallic and black. As usual, there is VAIO letters on the front of casing with an impressive design. The xLOUD technology and Clear Phase which is embedded on its audio in complements the quality of the music in this laptop. With this technology, it will be superior in playing the movies or to play games that make the resulting sound quality becomes very clear and sharp.

This laptop has a superior feature called Gesture Control. Gesture control is an advanced feature that allows the users using this laptop without touching the touchpad. Users only need to move the hand in front of the camera with a sweep to the right or left. Then PlayMemories Home, a feature to organize and edit photos and video, 3D short film making, external HDD direct viewing, playback of 3D display, and digital camera viewing.

About the battery, Sony Vaio E14P can hold up to 5.3 hours when in active use. Active uses are such for SMS, browsing, typing, etc. In fact, its battery life is much longer with the optical drive, which automatically makes this laptop negate the power consumption when not in use.

Sony Vaio E14P Price

The sales of Sony Vaio E14P is completed with personalization kit consisting of a mouse and keyboard cover whose color matches the color of the laptop body and sold by $ 890 for Sony Vaio E Core i5 and the range of $ 1000 for Sony Vaio E Core i7.

Sony Vaio E14P

Sony Vaio E14P
Sony Vaio E14P
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