Targus, Laptop Colling Pad Chill Mats

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As we know, we are now moving to the new era of portable devices, most all people are now replacing their desktop to laptop. But sometimes the habit of using desktop is still with us, to ensure that our laptop is not over heated, we need another cooling pad to keep it cool to avoid from the low performance as the result of over heat. So here are the new devices from Targus.

Targus Lap Chill Mat (AWE55AP) provides a super comfortable and ergonomic desktop to keep you and your laptop cool. Chill Mat rests on your lap and dissipates heat, dual USB fans provide ventilation. Ergonomic tilt makes typing until soft neoprene material provides comfort cushion lap.The open design allows fans to run quietly and promotes continuous air flow. Four rubber stops on the site Chill Mat to prevent laptop from slipping.

Targus Compact Laptop Desk (AWE56AP) allows you to create a workspace for your laptop wherever you go. Nearly as thin as a magazine, Compact Laptop Desk folds in half easily fits in a laptop bag for travel. table lays flat on your lap for a stable work surface, making it ideal in airports or other locations where a compact table is not available. ventilated area for air flow so the laptop is cold. The product consists of two mouse surface that are positioned on the left or right hand mouse use.

Targus AWE55AP AWE56AP and Mats are available in all branches of Rashi Peripherals at MRP of INR 999 and INR 1499 respectively.

Targus, Laptop Colling Pad Chill Mats
Targus, Laptop Colling Pads

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