Upcoming Acer Phone 2011 – Acer Phone With WP7

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An Acer spokesperson confirmed that the Acer mobile phone with Windows OS Phone 7 (WP 7) will be launched in September or October 2011.

Late last year, Gianfranco Lanci, CEO of Acer, Acer stated that although most focus on Android, WP 7-based devices are being made. Similarly, as quoted from Pocket-Lint.

“If we look at Windows 7 Phone, this day, I think if we see the same opportunities that we see on Android for the affairs of customization,” Lanci said late last year.

However, several reports from Mobil World Congress in Spain indicated that it may interest the Acer will WP7 has been reduced.

If the mobile phone OS Acer with WP 7 is appears the giant Taiwanese company will be dealing with Nokia, who also recently worked with Microsoft for Windows OS Phone 7.

Some phones that have been launched by Acer is the Acer Tempo series, Liquid Acer, Acer beTouch, neoTouch Acer, Acer and the Acer E110 Stream, some of which are operated with Android OS and Windows Phone.

Upcoming Acer Phone 2011 - Acer Phone With WP7
Acer Phone With WP7

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