Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205 Review, Specs, and Price

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Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205 UK is now available to buy, offering you your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot and the ability to connect up to 5 devices to the internet wirelessly without any need to install software.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205 is included with an 18 month contract from £15 per month with 2GB of data per month, or available on Pay as you go for £65 when you buy a £10 TopUp. It allows you to run your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot, connecting tablets, netbooks, laptops and games consoles to the internet with improved theoretical speeds of up to 21Mbps in major towns and cities.

It’s easy to track your ‘real time’ data usage on your Mobile Wi-Fi R205 with a new dedicated Apple and Android app, as well as check SMSs and the battery life of the device. With the R205’s attractive, compact design and a 4 hour battery life, the new Mobile Wi-Fi is an essential portable partner for tablets or laptops without embedded 3G, connecting any Wi-Fi enabled device to the internet securely when you’re out and about.
To celebrate the Pay as you go launch, Vodafone UK is running a free prize draw for anyone who has purchased a device between 5th April – 31st May 2012. 15 lucky winners will receive a prize bundle comprised of a Wi-Fi Kindle, Nintendo 3DS and Samsung SH100 Digital Camera – worth a total £359.

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205 Specifications

  • 3G wireless router
  • 900/1,800/2,100MHz HSPA+
  • 802.11b/g
  • supports up to five wireless devices
  • up to 21.6Mbps download, 5.7Mbps upload
  • OLED display
  • Micro-USB power slot (mains charger supplied)
  • microSD slot for shared storage
  • free Android/iOS app
  • range: 10m (battery), 60m (mains)
  • removable 5.6Wh lithium-polymer battery (specified for up to 4.5 hours life)
  • 95.5 x 50 x 14.1mm
  • 80g

Source: http://www.tracyandmatt.co.uk/blogs/index.php/new-vodafone-mobile-wi-fi-r205

Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205
Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R205

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